Top 5 Songs About Coffee

Frank Sinatra’s “The Coffee Song”

“The Coffee Song” is a classic song that has become synonymous with a certain era. It’s a throwback to a simpler time, perfect for cocktail parties, and was also recorded by Sam Cooke and Rosemary Clooney. It has also been covered by The Muppets. While this song isn’t Sinatra’s best-known, it is a catchy tune that captures the feel of the post-war era.

Despite the fact that “The Coffee Song” is not about dancing, the lyric is a charming one about the wonder of coffee. This song was written by Bob Hilliard, whose previous work includes the hit songs Seven Little Girls in the Back Seat and Alice in Wonderland. Although the lyrics and music are not very exciting, the song does capture a sense of optimism and vigor, and it was the perfect fit for Sinatra.

The lyrics of “The Coffee Song” evoke an image of a world where everyone drinks only coffee. The song was originally written by Dick Miles and Bob Hilliard and first recorded by the Smart Set in 1946. Other artists subsequently recorded the song, but it was Sinatra who made it an international hit. It was later recorded by Sam Cooke and Stan Ridgeway, and even featured during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Bob Marley’s “Coffee Cantata”

If you’re in the mood for a little Bob Marley, this one-act operetta may be for you. Although this isn’t one of his best-known songs, it’s an energetic blast of ska. The song tells the story of a broken relationship and how the man is suffering as a result. It’s not the best choice for an afternoon listen, but it’s a great one-act finale for any Bob Marley fan.

Squeeze’s “You’re the Cream in My Coffee”

Squeeze’s “You’re The Cream in My Coffee” has become a cult classic, and it is arguably their most enduring song. The ’70s band had an impressive resume, including songs like “I’m a Fool for Love” and “Love in the Air” (which featured a Middle Eastern-inspired bent of notes by Bob Dylan). The group continued to release new music in the ’80s, including their latest single “You’re the Cream in My Coffee.”

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