Real Simple Organizing Tips

There are many organizing tips available for people who want to de-clutter their home. A good example of this is the REAL SIMPLE method. This method is a circle-based system that encourages you to weed out unnecessary items, and keeps the clutter to a minimum.

Organizing is a circle

MVOS describes a concept of organization as a circle that continually reviews itself and aligns its aims with the organization’s vision. Each member is accountable for governance and continuously decides what needs to be done and how to do it. As a result, the organization’s health requires continual attention.

Each Circle needs a driver who provides direction, sets the agenda and maintains oversight of the members. The driver also serves as the primary representative of the Circle to the rest of the organization. However, the driver should not have decision-making authority, and all decisions should be made by the circle.

Once you have defined the role of each contributor, make sure to create permeability between circles. The roles that each individual plays within the Circle should be quickly apparent to contributors. While there are some roles that must be played by all members of an organization, many roles are best filled by individuals from other circles.

Often, the top circle represents the board of directors. It is important to note that this circle is not the only way to scale decision-making for a growing team, but it is a simple and effective solution to many problems. When using a circle to scale decision-making in an organization, it is important to gather the right people, give them clear guidelines, and give them decision-making authority. The results can be significant.

One way to create a circular org chart is to use a series of concentric circles. The central circle will include the name of the top-level manager and subsequent circles will contain the names of the next-level managers. These circles can then be connected by lines, indicating the relationships between them. Using an org chart is also helpful when it comes to onboarding new employees. It allows them to put names with faces and help them feel like they’re contributing members of the team.

Tidying techniques that work for you

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to store the same type of items in different places. This is a mistake because you’ll have to keep tidying the same things over. In addition, you may not grasp the sheer volume of your belongings. For example, you may store a pile of paperclips in your office and another pile of paperclips in your attic. If you’re like most people, you’ll be stuck in a never-ending cycle of tidying and reorganizing. Instead, try to tidy by category. Start with clothing, then move on to books, papers, and sentimental items.

Tidying is a process, and the KonMarie Method is a methodical approach. Marie Kondo recommends starting with clothing. While you may feel tempted to keep your favourite clothes, you should only keep things that spark joy. This method makes it easier to remember to take inventory of your belongings.

While many techniques are designed to help you tidy a specific room, others focus on one area of your home at a time. The KonMari Method is an excellent example of this. This method encourages you to sort and tidy by category and location, beginning with your clothes, then moving onto your papers and books. You can also keep sentimental items if they speak to you. The philosophy behind the KonMari Method is a popular one with many people. It emphasizes mindfulness and introspection.

Ways to donate

If you have a bunch of unused items that you want to get rid of, consider donating them. This is an easy way to get rid of clutter and make you feel better about your life. You’ll also be doing a good deed for your community.

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