Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Private Network

Anonymous proxies are web-based computer servers at different locations around the globe. Such a server is used by users who want to hide their IP addresses. Any request coming from the proxy of an anonymous user goes straight to the server of the target web site instead of the actual web host. This ensures that the location where the request is made to go through is not disclosed to other users.


There are different types of such proxies. Clients and servers used for browsing the internet are one of them. Clients are software meant to be installed on a web browser. Such clients may allow access to different types of internet sites. However, they are restricted by the browser settings. So, there is no guarantee that the proxy you are using is actually allowing you to browse the internet safely.

Such a proxy is often used when anonymous browsing is concerned. It allows the user to be anonymous by changing his IP address. This ensures that his real IP address is hidden. While the result is anonymous browsing, the user also loses the protection of privacy that the internet offers. Also, an IP change often has an impact on the security of your system.

A third type of anonymous proxies are referred to as rotating proxies. They are more popularly known as web-based anonymous proxies or browser-based proxies. These work just like web-based anonymous proxies. Web-based means that they do not have any effect on the internal workings of your computer. Your IP address is not changed even while browsing. Rather, a random IP address is assigned to your browsing sessions.

Another difference between proxies and such browsers is the level of encryption provided by them. IP changing or rotation encryption is offered by most web proxy servers. They offer a superior level of encryption compared to simple web-based proxies. In addition, this type of technology allows for anonymous browsing and is often used by business corporations as an auxiliary to the corporate intranet. For private individuals, web proxy servers offer the best form of anonymous browsing as it protects your IP address from being revealed to advertisers and other unwanted observers.

There are certain benefits of using a web-based proxy and among these are convenience, anonymous surfing and various forms of protection against hackers. Using this form of IP changing or rotation is very simple and convenient as all you have to do is install the software. Also, you only need to be online at the time of using the application to hide your identity. Web-based residential proxies are also preferred as they offer great flexibility in terms of blocking certain websites. You can also use them as a substitute for mobile phones.

As a web proxy server requests the IP address of its users from various servers, your IP address is changed thereby hiding your actual identity. It ensures that your real location is hidden thereby avoiding several malicious activities. You can surf the internet freely and safely and change IP regularly. It also offers anonymous browsing as the IP address of your computer remains anonymous while you are online.

With the increasing use of proxies as an anonymous proxy and changing of your IP address, more people are now comfortable with online privacy. However, using this form of IP changing or rotation may not be always the best choice for all. Certain web sites may require specific features such as cookies to be enabled and some web applications may be unable to operate properly with the use of proxies.

A few proxy servers do have their benefits as well. If you want to bypass any kind of content restrictions, then some of them will let you do so. There are also those that can improve your speed and some can also reduce bandwidth use. So, it depends on your requirements whether you should use this option.

Besides the advantages, there are also a few disadvantages associated with the use of these types of services. The most important disadvantage is that the users of these types of IP changing or proxy servers may encounter security threats while they are surfing the web. Some hackers can intercept your web requests and do some kind of damage to your system or to sensitive information stored in your computer. So, you should be very careful while you use them.

Another major disadvantage of proxies is that they cannot guarantee your privacy. Since you need to reveal your IP address, your Internet browsing activities are visible to others. If you do not wish to disclose your IP address, then you should not use these services. However, since using these kinds of services is cheaper than paying for a real private proxy server, you may consider using these proxies if you are only going online to read blogs or learn about different news events. Although there are some benefits of these kinds of websites but their use should not be taken for granted especially if you really want to browse the web safely.

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