Best Places to Visit in Colombia

There are many places to see and experience in Colombia. You can visit La Candelaria, Cartagena, El Penol, and San Gil, to name a few. But if you have a little more time, consider visiting La Guajira. It’s a region of contrast, with untamed sand dunes rising up from deep blue Caribbean waters. This region is just ripe for exploration.

La Candelaria

One of the best places to visit in Colombia is La Candelaria, which is home to some of the country’s most beautiful architecture. The neighborhood features buildings with colonial balconies and eaves from the nineteenth century. Several of these buildings have been designated as assets of historical interest. There are also more than 500 cultural institutions in the neighborhood, including some of the best museums in the country. The area also boasts theaters and libraries.

The historic center of Bogota, La Candelaria is a must-see for any Colombia traveler. It is filled with old colonial buildings, government palaces, museums, and trendy cafes. While it is located in the middle of the city, La Candelaria maintains the small-town feel of a quaint colonial village.


Cartagena is an international airport that serves domestic flights and international flights. To get to the old town, you can either take a taxi or a private transfer. It can cost up to $15 to take a taxi in Cartagena. The Old Town is located right by the sea. However, you should know that the beaches are not suitable for swimming.

The town has many attractions, including a bustling UNESCO walled city. There are also beautiful beaches and Caribbean islands. You can find fruit sellers (palenqueras) wearing colorful costumes on the streets. You should also visit the Museo Naval del Caribe, which houses a fascinating collection of artifacts from the city’s past.

The city’s weather is warm and tropical. You can sample a variety of local cuisine, including fried whole fish served with coconut rice, golden fried patacones, and a simple salad. Locals love to party and the vibrant nightlife here is full of funky salsa clubs and pubs. Some of the best places to go in Cartagena include the Alquimico, a traditional Spanish pub and El Baron, a hip cocktail bar with exposed brick walls and funky industrial lighting.

El Penol

El Penol is located in Guatape province, about two hours from Medellin. It is easy to get there by bus. The path between the bus stop and the entrance is lined with stalls. You can also take a boat ride to visit the nearby area. The town is a popular destination for daytrippers from Medellin.

The town was once a farming community. It was first founded in 1714 and became a municipality in 1867. The area was later flooded, which transformed the landscape and became a popular tourist destination. The rock, called Guatape, has become a famous landmark in the area. It is so famous that the townships of El Penol and Guatape claim it as their own. One attempt to spell out the town with the rock was foiled by the local mob.

The views from El Penol are incredible. There are many restaurants outside, as well as shops inside. There are balconies with great views of the Guatape valley below. If you get hungry, you can stop at the Piedra del Penol for a coffee. If you’re on a budget, you can even take a motorbike taxi instead. Tickets cost 20,000 COP, which includes the entrance fee and return gondola ride.

San Gil

If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway in Colombia, consider visiting San Gil, a small town near the capital city of Bogot√°. The town is known for its thriving market, and Parque La Libertad offers a leafy central plaza and outdoor seating for the locals. The park’s perimeter is bustling with local shops and street food vendors. Visiting this small town is the perfect way to experience Colombia through the eyes of its inhabitants.

Another interesting town close to San Gil is Barichara, considered one of the prettiest villages in Colombia. This town is easy to reach by bus and features cobblestone streets, whitewashed walls, and tiled roofs. It also has a picturesque plaza and an attractive cathedral. While you’re here, you can take the Camino Real, a scenic, 10km walking path with a sweeping view of the Chicamocha Canyon.


Guatape is one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia, and it offers visitors an experience that is not to be missed. Its main square is decorated in the purest colonial style, with a large, colorful fountain and numerous cafes and restaurants to keep you occupied. The town also offers some of the best coffee in the world.

To see the city’s natural beauty, you can hike up the Rock of Gutape (also known as El Penol), a massive monolithic rock over 650 feet tall. From the top, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. The hike takes about 15 to 30 minutes and includes 740 stairs. You can get to El Penol from the town center by taxi, tuk-tuk, or bus.

After exploring the town’s main square, you can spend some time exploring the countryside. The town is condensed, but the main sights are close enough together that you won’t get lost.

La Guajira

This region is home to many unique ecosystems, including tropical dry forests, tropical rainforests, savannas, and deserts. The region’s biodiversity makes it an ideal place for birdwatching and wildlife watching. You can also learn about the area’s mining and wind energy industries.

The poverty rate in the region is high, with a high child mortality rate. While you’re in the area, consider bringing some food to help the local Wayuu people. The roads to the region are not easy to navigate, but you can take a motorbike taxi or 4×4 to get around. If you’re planning to go off the beaten path, it’s a good idea to hire a private guide. It’s also a good idea to learn a few Spanish phrases. It will enhance your experience and give you new insights into Colombia.

The La Guajira region is home to many indigenous people. The region is also home to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This area also boasts an incredible sand desert, which is home to the Wayuu people. The region’s unique landscape and cultural heritage have helped create a distinct identity for the region. The region is also home to Francisco El Hombre, a poet known for his vallenata music. You can also experience the magical realism of Garcia Marquez, and visit the National Navy tradition.

San Jeronimo

The city of San Jeronimo is located in the Antioquia department in Colombia. It has an enviable combination of natural beauty and culture. Its population is around 4,000 and is surrounded by a beautiful valley. Its climate is temperate and its weather is great for hiking and biking.

There are not many tourists in San Jeronimo, and you can spend a relaxed day exploring this sleepy Colombian town. There are a few places to stay in this town, but the most secluded and tranquil is Hostal La Finca, run by German and Colombian families. It has a large pool, a yoga garden, and an on-site restaurant. You can sample delicious Colombian cuisine here.

The weather in San Jeronimo is temperate year-round. The rainy season is in the winter, and the city experiences some mild, sunny days during the summer. The temperatures range between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. To find a vacation rental in San Jeronimo, use the search bar at the top of the page. You can then adjust the filters on your search results.


If you’re interested in exploring the local culture, Salento is the place to go. There are a few things to do in this town, including taking a chocolate-making tour, tasting local chocolate, and learning about the health benefits of cacao. The town’s main square, Plaza de Bolivar, is the hub for activities in and around Salento. You’ll also find ATMs and most of the city’s restaurants here. Whether you plan on exploring the area by foot or taking a bus, don’t forget to book a tour of the nearby Cocora Valley.

While the town may have experienced a significant increase in tourism over the last few years, it still retains its unique charm. The population is a mix of native Colombians and transplants. Some of the expats have even started their own businesses in the area, supporting the tourism industry. While the town doesn’t have a hospital or medical clinic, pharmacists can treat common illnesses like colds and flu.


If you’re looking for a scenic spot in Colombia, Minca is the place to be. Just outside the city is a picturesque river known as Las Piedras, which is a popular spot among tourists. Its clear water is refreshing and perfect for swimming. It’s also close to some of Colombia’s best coffee plantations.

There are plenty of hiking trails and waterfalls to enjoy in Minca. The city is also accessible by moto-taxi. This option gives you the chance to take a leisurely 6 hour tour through the city, and includes visits to Los Naranjos waterfall and the Pozo Azul natural pool.

Minca offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and camping. There are also many waterfalls and pools, so you can cool off if you choose to swim or sunbathe. Despite being a popular tourist destination, Minca can be quite crowded, so it’s best to plan your trip to avoid peak times. Still, you should take more than one day to explore the city and its surroundings.

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