Best Places to Visit in Bigfork, Montana

Bigfork is a city in the Flathead County region of Montana, located in the Rocky Mountains. At the 2010 census, the population was 4,270. The population was 1,421 in 2000. You can explore the area and its museums and art galleries, or enjoy a boat trip on the Wild Horse Island.

Wild Horse Island Boat Trips Pointer Scenic Cruises

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a nature lover’s paradise, Wild Horse Island Boat Trips are a great option. You can go on private or twilight cruises, and get close up views of wildlife. You may see coyotes, eagles, and wild horses.

Pointer Scenic Cruises offers custom charter tours to Wild Horse Island. These trips include a bonus pictograph tour, explanation of the valley, and a picnic on the island. You can also go hiking on the island, which is a great way to spend a day.

Wayfarers State Park

Wayfarers State Park is a 67-acre public recreation area that overlooks Flathead Lake half a mile south of Bigfork, Montana. In 2013, the park hosted the Northern Rockies Paddlefest, which attracted more than 200 participants.

Located on the northeast shore of Flathead Lake, Wayfarers State Park is the perfect place for a picnic or a day out camping. Its cliffs and lakeside vistas are breathtaking, and the park is also a popular stop on the Continental Divide Trail.

Wayfarers State Park offers one of the best views of the Flathead Lake sunset. This park provides public access to Flathead Lake and offers hiking trails through a mature forest. The park also offers coin-operated showers and firewood for sale. There are also many opportunities for wildlife viewing. You can even go rafting along the Flathead River.

Another reason to visit Wayfarers State Park is that it is great for bikers and mountain bikers. The park has bike camping sites, and it is only a short drive into Bigfork to get supplies. In addition to bike camping, the park also has designated fire areas. These areas are equipped with metal fire rings.

Beardance Trail

If you’re interested in mountain biking, the Beardance Trail is one of the best ways to explore the region. The trail is located just a few miles from Bigfork and Flathead Lake Resort. The first couple of miles of the trail are easy, but as you go on, you’ll have to conquer several challenging sections. The trail’s steep grade, steep roots, and small drainage crossings can make the terrain challenging.

If mountain biking is more your style, you’ll find several trails in Bigfork that offer stunning views. Several of these trails vary in difficulty and are very scenic. Beardance Trail is also a popular mountain biking track, with 14 miles of challenging terrain and obstacles.

Another great place to hike in Bigfork is Wayfarer’s State Park. Trails there are perfect for all levels of hikers, and you can even take a look at the cliffs of Flathead Lake. Another option is the Swan River Trail, which follows the old River Road alongside the Swan River. The trail is open to walking, bicycling, and other outdoor activities.

Bigfork is also home to several mountain biking trails, and residents can rent bikes to road-trip with their bikes. The Beardance Trail is a popular mountain biking trail, and it has 14 miles of varied terrain and thrilling obstacles.

Art galleries

Art galleries in Bigfork, Montana are a great way to see a variety of artwork and support local artists. One local art gallery, ARTfusion, features original paintings by over 70 artists from Montana. Most of these paintings feature landscapes and wildlife, but the gallery also exhibits a variety of other art. The gallery also offers educational programs and is involved in community events and fundraisers. Visitors can also purchase artwork at the gallery, as well as learn more about the artists and their work.

Another local artist who is making a big splash in Bigfork is Bill Ogle, a native of the Flathead Valley. He creates landscape artwork inspired by the Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park. Though he grew up in the area, he relocated from Alaska last year to open his gallery here. The move back to Montana meant starting over, and Phillips has been hard at work building a following. He plans to open his gallery by the end of March 2020.


As the temperature begins to rise, boat enthusiasts are eager to get out on area lakes and rivers. There are several boat launch sites and the area has fishing and swimming spots. Floatplane tours of the region are also available. For a small fee, you can tour the Flathead Lake and surrounding areas from the comfort of your boat.

The area is also rich with artists and craftmen. Many artists draw inspiration from Montana culture and use different artistic mediums. The city also has a number of art galleries and summer playhouses. Visitors can view the works of the area’s artists at the Bigfork ArtFusion exhibit.

In addition to the boating opportunities in Bigfork, Montana, you can also enjoy hiking in the area. The Jewel Basin Hiking Trail offers views of the surrounding mountains and lakelands. However, the trail is very popular, especially during peak seasons.

The city of Bigfork is a great starting point for activities on Flathead Lake. Several charter companies provide sailing and fishing excursions. Alternatively, you can rent a stand-up paddleboard, mountain bike, or kayak. Bigfork is also close to the Flathead River, so you can take a leisurely stroll or bike ride on the waterfront. If you’re not into boating, Bigfork also has many hiking and biking trails, and the city is home to Eagle Bend Golf Club with its 27-hole course.

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