Main Differences Between Salt and Table Salt When shopping for sea salt, there are many varieties available and each has a unique story to tell. You will find fine sea salt as well as kosher sea salt and coarse sea salt. While usually recommend you store all three in separateContinue Reading

Comparison of kosher salt (white) with table salt (kosher sea salt, kosher salt outside North America also known as kosher salt) is like comparing kosher salt with regular table salt. kosher salt is a highly refined salt containing no additives or sulfur and no metallic ions (mercury, lead, etc.) kosherContinue Reading

What does black truffle salt actually taste like? Usually truffle salt will taste very similar to regular salt, except much more salty. Typical truffle flavor is usually described as an intense, rich earthy flavor, although there are other species of truffle that may give slightly distinct flavors. Many people chooseContinue Reading

Bath Salt Addiction Bath salts are just a type of recreational designer drug. The name comes from cases where the medications were disguised as bath salts in bathtubs and other public restrooms. The bath salts, usually white, powdery, or crystallized crystals, tend to resemble Epsom salt, but are different chemically.Continue Reading

How Salt Affects the Food We Eat What’s the difference between sea salt and table salt? Sea salt is naturally occurring and is obtained by boiling sea water and straining out the solid particles. It is a pale grey in colour, because of its lack of any chemicals. Table saltContinue Reading