Heart of the Plains Cemetery

Purchase Family Plots

Cemetery committee members are available to answer questions about purchasing plots at Heart of the Plains Cemetery. You may also schedule an appointment at the cemetery office in the rectory by calling
Linda Epple at (303) 849-5357.

Stations of the Cross Benches

There are Stations of the Cross benches left for sale in the Heart of the Plains Cemetery. For more information call
Cindy Schellenberg at (303) 849-5227.

Heart of the Plains Rosary Walk

Heart of the Plains Rosary Walk is a meditative walk through all twenty mysteries which will be offered for the repose of the souls of all our deceased loved ones. This takes about one hour. Check back for the next event.

Blessing of the Altar & Statue

What a tremendous gift it was to have Mass with the bishop and his blessing of the altar and Sacred Heart statue! The presence of Bishop Conley, Fr. Rob and Fr. Frank among us was truly inspiring and life giving. We praise the Lord for such a wonderful celebration, when even the rain reminded us that his blessings are constantly being showered upon us. At this time, I would like to say: Thank you very much to all who worked so hard to make possible a true family celebration. Let us joyfully continue the ministry of Heart of the Plains Cemetery, through our prayers, work and sacrifice, so that this true apostate may grow every day as a source of prayer, compassion and care for the entire community. Sincerely yours, Fr. Héctor. Be sure to check out the Denver Catholic Register for the article on the Blessing of the Altar and Statue at Heart of the Plains Cemetery.
BishopConleyblessing the alter at HotPlains

Heart of the Plains News

The Statue of the Sacred Heart and the Stations of the Cross Memorial benches were delivered and setup this week at Heart of the Plains Cemetery. Now would be a lovely time to take a Rosary Walk through the cemetery. With the installation of the benches and statue and the blessing of the rain we have had to make the grass green, the cemetery is beautiful and peaceful and quiet. A perfect place for prayer.

The American Legion in Keenesburg has arranged a wonderful gift for the cemetery. Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, the flagpole sent for The Wall's visit in June, 2008, was given to Heart of the Plains as a memorial for veterans. Members of the Legion will move the flagpole from its present location north of the Legion building, transport it to Heart of the Plains and help set it. The casket flags of community veterans were proudly flown on this special pole during The Wall's visit, making it most meaningful for our community cemetery.

A new gate has been erected at the entrance to the cemetery.

Plaza Construction

The cross-shaped plaza is completed! Volunteers poured the charcoal-colored concrete cross in the center of the cemetery. The darker color will accentuate the granite altar, heart stone, statue base, and the Station of the Cross benches which will soon be set in place. Ice and snow will melt more quickly on the dark surface, as well. The "footprint" of Sacred Heart Church was used as a pattern for the plaza, the dimensions and shape of the church are reflected in the plaza. The cross lies at the center of the heart-shaped path outlining Christ's life through the twenty mysteries of the Rosary.

Thank you, all volunteers, who continue to work so hard on this apostolate!

9th Annual Memorial Day Service

The annual Memorial Day Service will be held this year on Monday, May 29th. Mass will be at 8:00 AM at Sacred Heart Church followed by Memorial Day Service at the cemetery. Veteran name roll call will begin at 8:30AM. A Fly-over will take place at 9:00 AM. Guest speakers will be Pastor Dr. Scot Finger of Kiowa Creek Community Church and Deacon Cecil Gingerich. The American Legion and Keenesburg Community Choir will also participate. This event is open to all!
alter service


Heart of Plains statue